PMDG veröffentlicht B1900

Geschrieben am Montag, 09. Februar 2004
Die heute in der PMDG EXPRESS Produktreihe veröffentlichte B1900  wird von vielen Airlines im Commuter Bereich eingesetzt. Die FS Umsetzung beinhaltet drei verschiedene Modelle, die den Einsatz auch auf schwächeren Systemen möglich machen sollen. Das 2D Panel besteht aus Standard- und aus extra entwickelten Gauges. Für Benutzer von Active Camera ist ein Modell auch mit kompletter Inneneinrichtung enthalten, natürlich ist auch das Virtuelle Cockpit mit dabei. Wer Reality XP Instrumente sein eigen nennt, wird sich über die enthaltenen Konfigurationsdateien freuen. Die B1900D ist auf www.precisionmanuals.com für 14.95 US Dollar erhältlich, die komplette Englische Pressemitteilung gibt es unter mehr....08FEB04 0300Z

Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG) has released the first product in the new PMDG EXPRESS product line.

The PMDG EXPRESS B1900D is a visually stunning and immersive simulation of the popular Beechcraft 1900D turboprop commuter airliner. Built using the same visual modeling and flight model techniques that have won PMDG numerous awards, the PMDG EXPRESS B1900D is designed to become an immediate favorite for short range and commuter line flying!

The external model is one of the most complex prepared for Microsoft Flight Simulator in the commuter aircraft category. Three different models are included to enhance user frame rates, (2D cockpit model, virtual cockpit model and virtual cockpit/cabin model.) Highly detailed exterior from wingtip to wingtip includes tinted cabin windows, lighted interior, opening air stair with animated lanyard cables, animated cargo door and animated cockpit doors.

The cockpit of the aircraft has been designed using a combination of default MSFS gauges and customer PMDG gauges to provide an accurate visual layout of the B1900D cockpit in both 2D and virtual cockpit modes. For example, the autopilot and many light switches have been custom designed by PMDG to mirror those found in the B1900D cockpit. The virtual cockpit in the PMDG EXPRESS B1900D replicates the look and FEEL of the B1900D cockpit very faithfully!

For those customers who use Active Camera, we have included a full virtual cabin from which you can watch the world go by at a Commuter Airline pace! (Note: There is no lavatory on this one! So use the facilities before you take off!)

The flight model for the airplane has been designed in PMDG's award winning style, using aircraft performance data from the manufacturers manuals! Users will find the B1900D to be agreeable and pleasant to fly on those short hops between longer PMDG 737 flights!

The PMDG EXPRESS product line will appeal to those pilots who want an airplane that includes PMDG's renowned quality, while not requiring 250 pages of reading just to start the engines! So while PMDG has not included the minute level of systems modeling that is present in the PMDG 737, all the major functions of the aircraft supported by the latent Microsoft Flight Simulator systems model are present, including the ability to turn on/off various items and even feather engines in flight if necessary!

PMDG customers who own the Reality-XP's line of products will be pleased to see PMDG has made available a series of configuration files to easily configure the PMDG EXPRESS B1900D to use the latest Reality-XP cockpit displays.

So, in summary, the PMDG EXPRESS B1900D flies as beautifully as it looks, and includes a range of 2D cockpit and virtual cockpit options including a number of custom PMDG additions to fully immerse you in the B1900D cockpit! Moving stairs, cockpit door and cargo door animations round out a truly exciting visual experience!

In typical PMDG fashion we are also providing a range of model options for those users who prefer 2D, Virtual Cockpit or Virtual Cockpit and Cabin models to suit their frame rate needs.

Additionally we are including at no cost a range of options for Active Camera users, and Reality XP users, just to ensure that the B1900D becomes your favorite airplane when you aren't flying he PMDG 737!

The PMDG EXPRESS B1900D can be purchased at  www.precisionmanuals.com

We'll see you in the commuter terminal!

Captain Robert S. Randazzo
Executive Director
Precision Manuals Development Group
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